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  1. ELOIS KEMPER says:

    Just viewed the video. It has a nice professional look. The content is valuable and informative, and definitely presented very well. Looking forward to next installment. Thank you for your persistence in getting this powerful piece of history out to the masses.

    • admin says:

      Thank you MWOV. More to come.

      • Robert Knighton says:

        Hi, Mr. Nickerson, I’m glad I came upon this legacy. It came to my attention, today when I was researching a building here in Houston,Tx (the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Co.) This very interesting. How did the court decide Monday. Please keep this legacy alive.

  2. Well done! Keep the faith and the good work!

  3. E. Nic says:

    Thanks 4 giving us a wonderful & detailed insight of the life & time of William Nickerson, Jr.

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